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Getting excited on skis has never been easier with GUIDO GIACONE

25 years ago, he understood that he liked to teach, and since then he has never stopped.
Ski instructor, sailing instructor, diving instructor, swimming instructor.

Guido speaks Italian, English, German and French.

After years of teaching in Italy, in 2007 he moved to Switzerland and joined the “Red Legend”, the masters of the “St. Moritz Ski School” (since 1929, the oldest ski school in Switzerland and, with about 350 masters, one of the largest in the world).
And yet, to be a successful teacher, the passion for what is taught and the support of a great school is not enough.
It is also essential to be able to understand the people you are dealing with.
To understand immediately their expectations, their character, their potential and, in the case of skiing, even their fears. All this is called “Empathy”.
Not all those who teach are gifted, because empathy is not something that is learned, but is innate.
Consequently, it does not matter whether you are a child or an adult. If you are a great skier, or if it is the first time you approach a pair of skis.
The promise is that Guido will still be able to pass on the technique, safety and passion for this sport.
Having fun with him, on the slopes of St. Moritz, you will be surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world and with the added efficiency and organization of the No. 1 school in Switzerland.
So, if you are thinking about a holiday in the vicinity of St. Moritz, don’t miss the opportunity to ski with Guido.
Getting excited about skiing has never been easier with him.

The promise isĀ that you could fall in love with it and never go back.

First time on skis
The goal of the first time will be to do everything possible so that you can finish the lesson by saying “Wow! But it’s easy!”
Then, for all the other times, my promise is that there will only be more
– “Wow! … Wow! … Wow! …”

Advanced Skiers
You will learn the basic techniques to solve all those situations that often put us in difficulty: like icy or steep slopes. You hate humps and friends who ALWAYS bring us! in the most terrifying places.
The promise is that it will be easier after all.

Experienced skiers
You will have fun by putting yourself on the line with new techniques and video analysis.
We will go into the details of the movements to discover that, out there, there is a whole new world to explore.
If you think: Now that I know “Carvare” there is nothing left to know.
If you want to learn to play on skis and be able to tell friends that, after all, skiing backwards is not that complicated.
The promise is that you will finish your lesson tired but surprised and happy.

Young skiers:
They are the most important. They all speak the “International Language of Children”, which the masters of any sport should know.
The first important thing to know is that, like you, your children are also on vacation. And of teachers, they already see so many of them all through the year they go to school.
So don’t worry about some tears that could come down at the first meeting.
To be able to learn without getting bored and not being compared to the teachers they see every day, you need to give them time to understand that, first of all, I will be like a friend who will guide them in a large playground. And later, even a ski instructor.
Once the ice is broken, we will learn having fun like crazy, jumping like spider-man on every hill. We will play to fall and make the angel in the fresh snow and, if it does bad weather, we will leave for a polar expedition !. We will go to the snow park, we will learn to go fast with slices of pizza or two spaghetti. And then…
But you adults can’t understand these things !!!

The technique of the past, when the heel was free to move and the attacks did not exist, but revised in a modern way. The rediscovery of a fascinating and particular way of skiing. As well as a valid training for all those who, having reached a certain level, wanted to understand some key movements, fundamental to succeed and further evolve in the classic ski.

Ski Safari
If you want to experience the mountains, without having to think of anything other than slipping and photographing, because you are rightly on vacation.
If you like to live the St. Moritz lifestyle and a good wine sitting on a panoramic terrace, it gives you the same feelings as a good skiing.
My promise is to take you to discover the most beautiful and suitable slopes for your level of skiing.
Just leaving you with the thought of choosing the label of the bottle and the dish to taste.

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